The Importance of Arpeggios

As a beginner, one of the first things we learn, is how to play chords created from the major scale. Normally, we call these block chords.


Block chords use simple chordal harmony in which the notes of each chord may be played all at once.


Over time, some musicians may want to spice up their playing. It could get a little boring playing block chords over and over. We can always use more to fill in those “dead spaces or gaps” in between chords and scales.

Here is a cool solution… “Arpeggios”.

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The Elements of Music (Melody)

The Elements of Music are often referred to as the Building Blocks of Music.

It’s the foundation of all music that we play.

In music, we have Rhythm, Dynamics, Melody, Harmony, Tone Color, Texture, Form, Notes, Scales and Chords.

There are three main Elements of music we want to focus on:

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Getting Started On The Piano

So Where to Begin?

Your Instrument: The first step on your musical journey is deciding on which instrument to use, whether it is a piano or music keyboard. One reason why students may get distracted or frustrated is because they have to decide which is best for them to begin on.

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Music as a Language

The ABCs of Music

Music is like a Language. It definitely takes a little time to understand it fully. That’s why I am here to simplify it for you, to help you get it in as little time as possible, using our reference instrument “THE PIANO”.

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What Is A Virtual Instrument?

Have you ever looked through a music instrument catalog (Musician’s Friend, Sweetwater, or Guitar Center), passed the virtual instrument section and wondered how you can use them with your playing and gear setup?

Most musicians, who attend a lot of musicals and concerts, often look over to the band area to check out the latest gear that the professionals are using.

Sometimes they see a MacBook sitting next to the keyboard, guitar and drums and wonder, how are they using this in their playing? Does it crash?

It can all really sound overwhelming. But with a little time and practice you too can be a part of the group that’s using computer technology with your playing.

So where to begin?

First let’s define what a virtual instrument is.

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Learn To Play Piano!

Welcome friend! You’ve made the first step toward committing to a great dream, learning piano.

I know you may have some reservations about learning this instrument, whether you are cut out for this great task, or not.

I want you to know that if you commit now, and take it in stages, you can learn anything you set your mind to.

First, let’s start with these known facts about the piano.

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