The Elements of Music (Melody)

The Elements of Music are often referred to as the Building Blocks of Music.

It’s the foundation of all music that we play.

In music, we have Rhythm, Dynamics, Melody, Harmony, Tone Color, Texture, Form, Notes, Scales and Chords.

There are three main Elements of music we want to focus on:




What is Melody?

The term “melody” in music is a sweet or agreeable succession or arrangement of sounds. It’s commonly known as the tune of a song.

In general, the melody serves as the main focal point of the song. This is what serves as a means of communication between the music performer and his or her audience.

Let’s look at the familiar nursery rhyme “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Each note below is to be played while singing the corresponding words above it.

Twinkle Little Star

Twin-kle Twin-kle

C       C    G     G

Li-ttle Star

A  A    G

How I won-der

F      F  E    E

What you are

D       D     C


Play those first few lines slowly till you are comfortable

Up a-bove the

G  G    F     F

World So high

E        E     D

Like a dia-mond

G    G  F      F

In the Sky

E    E    D

The last part of the nursery rhyme has the same melody and words.

Twin-kle Twin-kle

C     C    G       G

Li-ttle Star

A  A    G

How I won-der

F      F  E   E

What you are

D      D      C


So, Melodies exist in every song ranging from nursery rhymes to hymns and more.


-Joshua Okposo

MTC Contributor

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